Q.  What's the difference between FloraVelo jerseys and FloraVelo activewear?

A.   FloraVelo jerseys were designed for cycling, but they've become just as popular for hiking, walking, and other activities where comfort, fit, performance fabrics, and functional double back pocket make them the 'go to' choice for outdoor adventure. The back pockets allow you to take what you need with you when riding, hiking, or walking, and they can hold a water bottle, snacks, keys, phone, etc.  We also design the back pocket to match the back of the jersey - so it almost disappears when it isn't being used.

FloraVelo activewear has all the same great fabrics and features as our jerseys - but our activewear styles don't have the back pocket.  Great for working out or working from home - our activewear is perfect when you don't need the back pockets but you still want the comfort, performance and fit, along with our signature side pocket. Our activewear goes everywhere!